The Chaplains

Enrich is a Christian interdenominational chaplaincy service for ALL people with intellectual disabilities.

The chaplains are available to assist in whatever way is helpful and stay in touch by occasionally visiting residents and staff at group homes and elsewhere.

The chaplains encourage and assist churches to continue to support people with intellectual disabilities in their area by welcoming them at regular church services and at special services and by visiting them at home.

Chaplains are happy to receive enquiries or referrals to our service.

They can be called at times of crisis to support residents, family/whanau members, staff and volunteers.

Gabrielle Gallen

Trust Coordinator and Chaplain
027 362 0782

Gabrielle joined our Chaplaincy team in July 2016  – Gabrielle is passionate about helping people find a sacred space between them and God in the midst of life – and the chaos, troubles and joy that life inevitably brings. Gabrielle has a particular interest in providing Christian Ministry to those with intellectual, physical and/or mental health disabilities. Gabrielle has past experience working in the field of Chaplaincy along with experience as House Coordinator with a local Residential Care Provider in mental health services.  She holds a Bachelor of Ministries (Laidlaw College), Certificate in Spiritual Development and Pastoral Care (Vineyard College, NZ) and a Clinical Pastoral Education unit from NZACPE. Gabrielle has had training with the Christchurch Hospitals Chaplaincy Board.  Gabrielle has 3 adult children and Grandchildren.

Josh Hall

Chaplain / Worship Leader

027 411 1289   

Josh has been leading the worship at The Chapel of The Holy Family since 2017.

Josh is a student at Laidlaw College and also teaches music.  Josh helps lead a local youth group and enjoys basketball and sports.  Josh enjoys working as a chaplain for people with disabilities and enjoys leading our congregation every Sunday morning,

Denis Gilmore


Denis has been working for Enrich since April 2018.  Denis leads the Aroha Service on the first Saturday of every month.  Denis also works at the Chapel regularly.  He retired from a career in engineering to spend time with his Grandchildren and work in the ministry to our friends with disabilities. 

Denis Gilmore
Denis Gilmore

Vicki Trustrum


Vicki has been working at Enrich since November 2023. Vicki has a background in pastoral care and itinerant ministry. Vicki is available for pastoral care visits in the residential homes and also works at the chapel regularly. When not working Vicki likes to take her doggy for leisurely walks and enjoys the Christchurch scenery.